COUNCIL: Davalovsky, Attila

District of Mission: Davalovsky, Attila - council candidate

  • Oct. 27, 2014 8:00 a.m.
Attila Davalovsky

Attila Davalovsky

Name: Attila Davalovsky

CRMG (Citizens for Responsible Municipal Government)

Occupation: Manager in Food and Beverage

Residency: Mission BC

Community involvement: Chamber of Commerce (Director), Events Committee

Married, 7 children and 2 granddaughters


1.    To have a debt free future by keep the tax base sustainable for the taxpayers of Mission, while keep expenditures in line with the rate of inflation and the rate of growth.

2.    To continue on the path of a revitalized downtown being a business and family friendly community asset with a “Robson Street” feel, while actively working to make sure Mission continue to be the most Business friendly community in BC.

3.    To see a permanent Seniors Centre built in collaboration with Seniors and partnerships with private business to make it a reality in the next Council term.

As your Council representative, I will bring both idealism and common sense to all we do. It’s time to find a higher gear as a District, and make sure all Mission residents are along for a exciting journey and with your CRMG Team we are clearly on that road.

Councilors should choose the challenges best met by district council, we should set our goals and design action plans. Most importantly put in place measures of success, and expect those measures to be met. Remember one dollar spent on one program is one dollar that cannot be spent on another. We have to choose the solutions with the best return for the most people. Our elected team means you can expect results for the money spent.

“When a community works together, great things get done!”

I hope, through my service, I can be a good servant of the common good. Vote for me, Attila Davalovsky and it is a vote for a government that works… for all!