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PHOTOS: Evacuation order issued for Everglades Resort on Hatzic Island near Mission

Immediate danger due to overland flooding for all units on 8400 Shook Road

An evacuation order has been issued by the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) for the Everglades Resort on Hatzic Island near Mission.

The order was issued at 11:45 a.m. for all units on 8400 Shook Road due to “immediate danger to life, health, and property because of the atmospheric river event and heavy rainfall causing overland flooding,” FVRD says.

The FVRD said in an email that water levels have risen 7 inches, reaching the porches of some properties, entering some, and affecting potable water.

There are nearly 400 individual units at the Everglades Resort, but many are unoccupied. The evacuation order applies to 300 units, according to the FVRD.

Mission Search and Rescue are going to unit-to-unit with evacuation notices, said Cpl. Jason Raaflaub, media officer with the Mission RCMP.

The water levels have risen due to the many creeks that feed into Hatzic Lake. There are flap gates that let the water flow out by gravity, but they are currently unable to open because of the Fraser River’s height.

The FVRD says that water levels in Hatzic Lake are expected to increase over the next few days, but the pumps at Dewdney Dike are fully operational.

The evacuation orders are advising residents:

  • To be ready with 72 hours of supply
  • To close all windows and doors
  • Shut off gas and electrical appliances (but leave refrigerators and freezers on)
  • Close gates and latches but not to lock them
  • Gather their families and assist neighbours in need
  • Take critical items if able (meds, ID, cash/cards, keys)
  • Take pets in kennels or on leashes
  • Not to use more vehicles than necessary
  • Do not use telephones unless in need of emergency services, instead text family and friends or post to social media
  • Register with Evacuee Support Service to report you have left the area
  • Register with Red Cross (1-800-863-6582) to be notified when support services become available
  • Tune in to local radio stations
  • If you cannot self transport and all neighbours have left, call the FVRD’s Emergency Operations Centre: 778-704-0400, or 911.