Fireworks illegal in Mission

A District of Mission bylaw carries a potential $1,000 fine

Fireworks illegal in Mission

Fireworks and Halloween are regular bedfellows, but Mission Fire/Rescue is reminding the public that those particular bits of seasonal fun are illegal in the district.

After a number of resident complaints last year, the fire department and other emergency services are increasing their efforts to stem the fireworks tide, said Chief Ian Fitzpatrick.

The fire department and RCMP will be out on Halloween night, reminding people they find about the municipal bylaw, which carries a potential $1,000 fine.

Fireworks are available in many other municipalities in the Lower Mainland.

According to Asst. Fire Chief Larry Watkinson, males accounted for 73 per cent of fireworks injuries in 2009, and that many of the incidents occurred in the person’s home; 34 per cent had a firework explode in their hands.

While many people consider the novelties as harmless fun, sparklers, for example, burn at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit; glass melts at 900 F, he added.

Fireworks permits are only issued to people holding a current fireworks supervisor certificate, issued by the federal ministry of mines and resource.

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