Mission Coun. Pam Alexis wants to have a conversation with council and other interest groups to discuss the idea of taking a parcel of industrial land and turning into a multi-use greenspace.

Greenspace idea to be discussed

Rezoning request deferred by council in order to explore idea of mixed-purpose greenspace project in the Hatzic area.

A Mission councillor would like to see a section of industrial use land transformed into mixed-use greenspace.

Pam Alexis suggested the idea during Monday afternoon’s council meeting.

Alexis asked council to defer voting on a rezoning request that would permit barge loading at 34980 Lougheed Highway in Hatzic.

Instead she wants to open a dialogue with other groups to create a joint project that would see the parcel of land transformed into a mix of greenspace, commercial properties and other uses.

“It’s a really high density area and if there were an increase to industry in that area it would severely impact the residents.”

The property is for sale and Alexis suggested the city, in partnership with other groups — including the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society, which voiced concerns about the rezoning applications because of the possible negative impact on sturgeon — could purchase the land.

“I don’t see it as a stand alone. I definitely see it as a partnership. There are educational opportunities with the sturgeon, there’s tourism, there’s commercial with respect to the tourism, there’s greenspace and recreation. So it’s win-win.”

While it is only an idea, Alexis wants to at least have a conversation to see if it is feasible to  create a greenspace that could benefit the community.

While council agreed to defer the rezoning in order to further discuss the greenspace project, not all members around the table were supportive of the idea.

“I think this would not be a very good message to be sending to those that form a part of our tax base,” said Mayor Randy Hawes.

“This will not be something that goes unnoticed by the industrial world… I get what you’re saying, I’m just not as concvinced as you are.”

He said he isn’t keen on seeing the land turned into “some kind of environmental reserve area because we have precious little industrial land as it sits today.”

More to come.