Help the kitties

Monet was left in a bucket with her litter-mates and mother

Monet was left in a bucket with her litter-mates and mother

The Fraser Valley Humane Society’s (FVHS) financial struggles continue, but demands for their assistance have not abated.

Celia Durst, FVHS executive director, said two recent cases are a prime example of what the volunteer-run and donation-funded organization regularly sees.

Monet, a grey female kitten, was found on North Railway Street in a large plastic pail with the lid shut, and no air holes drilled through.

And she wasn’t alone.

The mother and six kittens were inside, but by the time the bucket was discovered, the matriarch had died, and over the ensuing weeks, the rest of the cats passed away, save Monet.

She likely has brain and heart damage from the lack of oxygen, said Durst, noting she will be adopted by the person who’s currently fostering the curious kitty.

A black male kitten found in the Sisto’s Liquor Store parking lot needed to have his tail amputated, because it appears someone swung him around by his tail, said Durst.

Felix came through the delicate surgery fine, and will likely make a solid recovery. He will be adopted by the woman who found him, Durst added.

The FVHS needs about $7,000 monthly to be comfortable, and this doesn’t include emergency veterinary bills.

If not for the public’s and vets’ generosity, the society would be in dire straits, she said.

If you are interested in helping, go to, or call 604-820-2977. A fundraiser burger and brew is happening Sept. 24 at the Dewdney Pub. Tickets are $15.