High Risk Driving campaign kicks off

ICBC and RCMP will be watching for drivers on cellphones, etc.

As summer driving conditions approaches and roads get busier, ICBC is reminding drivers to use caution and stay focused behind the wheel.

From May 15 to June 15, the insurance company is running its High Risk Driving campaign. Police and Speed Watch volunteers will be stepping up enforcement and setting up at various locations around the community reminding drivers to not engage in activities that could increase their chances of being involved in a crash, such as ignoring traffic control devices or using cellphones.

“Sixty per cent of all crashes happen at intersections,” said Don Miller, ICBC’s road safety coordinator.

The top crash location in Mission from 2008-2012 is where the Cedar Valley Connector meets Lougheed Highway; 447 crashes happened there.

“There are high volumes of traffic at that intersection, lots of movement and multiple lanes,” said Miller, who stressed the importance of approaching any intersection with caution.

Other high crash intersections in Mission are Seventh Avenue and Cedar Street and First Avenue and Glasgow with 111 and 103 reported incidents from 2008-2012, respectively, according to ICBC statistics.

To reduce your chances of being in a collision at intersections, Miller offered the following tips:

• Prepare for the light to change, even if it is green.

• Don’t change lanes in an intersection.

• Turn your signal on well before you reach an intersection. This lets other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians know what you’re doing.

• When you’re waiting to make a left hand turn, make sure your wheels are straight.

• Check for pedestrians and cyclists when making a right turn.


Top 10 crash locations in Mission from 2008-2012

1. Cedar Valley Connector/Lougheed Highway (447)

2. Seventh Avenue/Cedar Street (111)

3. First Avenue/Glasgow Street (103)

4. Hurd Street/Lougheed Highway (87)

5. Lougheed Highway/Wren Street (84)

6. 14 Avenue/Cedar Street (52)

7. Lougheed Highway/McKamie and Sylvester Road (48)

8. Lougheed Highway/Nelson Street (45)

9. Hayward Connector/Lougheed Highway (41)

10. Lougheed Highway/Park Street (39)