ICBC projects aim to increase road safety

Five ICBC projects valued at around $122,000 undertaken in Mission

In 2013, ICBC invested approximately $122,000 in five road improvement projects and safety studies to help make Mission’s roads safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

A paved pedestrian path was constructed on the east side of Highway 11, a left-turn signal phasing was installed at Cedar Street and Seventh Avenue and two other projects.

All proposed road improvement projects are assessed based on their ability to make roads safer. ICBC concluded that over a two-year time period, overall, for every dollar invested, ICBC and its customers see a return rate of five times the investment.

The evaluation also found that following a project’s implementation, there is on average, a 20 per cent reduction in severe crashes and a 12 per cent reduction in property damage crashes.

ICBC also participates in engineering studies and assists communities in the planning of roadways and managing traffic.

As road improvements are made, drivers may also need to adopt new driving behaviours, such as adjusting to traffic pattern changes and understanding the rules of the road. ICBC states that the majority of crashes are preventable and have more to do with driver error than road engineering.

Across the Lower Mainland, ICBC invested approximately $4.3 million for road improvement and $8 million in projects and safety audits across the province.