Mission conducting its own water supply study

The locally created report should be finished by late spring

Mission is starting its own water supply and demand study which will add to information already being gathered by the Abbotsford/Mission Water and Sewer Commission [AMWSC], said the district’s director of engineering and public works.

“The recent discussions about options for future water sources for the region make it important for Mission to have accurate information about what our own community is consuming now and what our growth patterns show we will need in the future,” said Rick Bomhof. “It’s like any kind of partnership, you have to know what your own needs are in order to have a good discussion about it together.”

Once completed, the study findings will be shared with the AMWSC and will frame the upcoming joint discussions around water supply.

The information will also assist council in its deliberations about residential water meters. Although water meters are installed in all new construction post-2009, most local households differ from Abbotsford in that they’re not connected to a metering system.

“One of the focuses of this study is water conservation strategies and metering has to be included in that as a strategy,” said Bomhof.

Any recommendations made in the study would be subject to council review and public consultation, he added.

The study is expected to be completed by late spring.