Signs supporting door-to-door mail delivery are being posted on many Mission homes.

Mission council wants to meet with Canada Post

Hopes to discuss changes to door-to-door delivery service at an open public meeting on April 20.

Can door-to-door mail delivery be saved?

Mission council is hoping to speak with Canada Post Corporation representatives to discuss changes to this community’s door-to-door delivery service at an open public meeting on April 20.

Late last year Canada Post announced plans to eliminate door-to-door mail delivery in Mission in 2015. The change would affect 6,100 addresses. About 7,700 homes in the community already receive mail from a central location and when the conversion is complete, close to 99 per cent of residents will be served by community mailboxes (CMB).

CPC provided information about the change and sent out a survey to all affected residents in December 2014.

According to a report to council, based on the 1,276 responses received, mail security was the primary concern among residents (66 per cent). Eight per cent said their main issue was accessibility.

Based on the input received, CPC listed six commitments to Mission residents:

• CMBs will be placed in small sites close to homes

• Special arrangements will be made for persons with disabilities and seniors with mobility challenges

• Apartments and condos will still receive mail in their lobby

• CMBs will have secure and tamper-proof features

• Locations selected will be a safe distance from the road, and close to street lighting where possible

• CMBs will have an anti-graffiti coating

Despite the commitments, council believes there are still plenty of questions that have to be answered.

District staff is being consulted on where to place the CMBs, but the locations have not yet been selected.

“The public still has a lot of questions,” said Mayor Randy Hawes. “Do people with accessibility issues … get mail delivered to their home? If a (CMB) is destroyed, do you have to drive to Abbotsford to pick up their mail?”

Coun. Pam Alexis observed moves are being made for the change, but noted there is a “Save Door-to-Door” campaign underway.

“I’ve talked to a few posties and they say it’s not a done deal,” said Alexis.

Residents with concerns about mail delivery changes are encouraged to submit their questions to the district’s website, Council will try to have the points addressed when they meet with CPC.

CPC is expected to begin the installation of new CMBs this summer.