Mission school enrolments close to projections

Mission school enrolments close to projections

Numbers are still rolling in, but Mission Public Schools’ total enrolment fell about 28 students shy of projections, according to a district administrator.

At the elementary level, there are 2,922 students registered, while secondary schools have 2,752 children, a drop of 22 and six, respectively, said Graham Black, MPSD’s director of instruction, planning and policy development.

These numbers are just for the “mainstream” schools, he added, stating Summit Learning Centre and Riverside College have ongoing enrolment throughout the year.

However, Black said, the numbers would indicate both schools are on track “to meet targets by the end of the year.”

The school district has formed a provisional budget with enrolment estimates, and a final budget will be adjusted and put before the board of school trustees Sept. 30.