Mission woman wins online search for Canada’s ugliest bathroom

With the title comes a $10,000 bathroom makeover

This ugly bathroom won a makeover for its Mission owner.

This ugly bathroom won a makeover for its Mission owner.

Elaine Morine knew her bathroom desperately needed a makeover.

“I know I have the ugliest bathroom,” said the Mission resident.

So, when she came across the Bartle and Gibson’s Ugliest Bathroom Contest she entered online.

Photos of her bathroom show pink paint, a showerhead held onto its fixture with tape, and duct tape near the bathtub faucet.

“I have lived with this bathroom for over 14 years and deserve a medal,” Morine wrote online. “We started renovating the house but ran out of money a few years ago and although the flooring is fairly new nothing else is new.”

A large hole in the wall allows access to an on/off valve that enables the use of the hot-water tap.

To win the $10,000 bathroom makeover, Morine first needed to get enough online votes to place her among the top nine worst bathrooms in Canada.

So, she had a Vote for Elaine T-shirt made up and began distributing flyers to encourage Mission residents to vote for her.

She made the finals and then it was up to the judges to pick the winner. Last week she got the good news — she had the ugliest bathroom in the country.

“It’s the same as winning the lottery — having a functional bathroom,” said Morine.