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Police investigate theft of more than $20M of gold, goods at Toronto Pearson Airport

Cargo taken from holding area after being unloaded from a plane

More than $20 million worth of gold and other high-value items have been stolen from Toronto Pearson Airport, Peel Regional Police said Thursday.

Duty Insp. Stephen Duivesteyn told media police are investigating the theft that took place early Monday evening after a plane that arrived at the airport was unloaded and its cargo transported to a holding facility.

“Once this cargo was offloaded at a holding facility, subsequent to its arrival, this high-value container was removed by illegal means,” said Duivesteyn.

“The container contained a high-value shipment. It did contain gold, but was not exclusive to gold, and contained other items of monetary value.”

The Peel police airport division has been leading the investigation.

The force has a great working relationship with the RCMP which remain “a quick call away,” Duivesteyn said, but the investigation currently remains in Peel police’s jurisdiction.

Police have not revealed any information about potential suspects and wouldn’t say which airline shipped the cargo, where the gold was headed, or where the plane came from.

Duivesteyn stopped short of saying it was a professional job.

“We’re looking at all angles on how this item was stolen, so I don’t really have a lot of details on how it was stolen to provide or any suspect,” he said. “We’re unable to provide specifics to this investigation because we’re three days in.”

The “very rare” theft is believed to be an isolated incident, Duivesteyn said, noting there are no concerns for travel or public safety at the airport.

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