PROFILE: Nelson Tilbury, councillor

Candidate has background in building and managing businesses

  • Oct. 26, 2011 8:00 a.m.

I grew up and graduated here in Mission. I am running for council with a solid background in building and managing businesses.

These have included a heavy equipment repair shop, a real estate office and a farm. I’ve gained a large variety of experience in finance, construction and staffing issues.

Technology has changed the ways of doing things over the years, but the core values are still the same for me. Work hard and live within your means. Always take the high road and be fair when dealing with others. Respect the money and assets people give you to manage on their behalf.

I am running for council because I believe our money is being wasted in an unsustainable manner. How can we expect to continue to live and retire in our homes with costs rising unchecked?

The reality is that it’s just bad management.

You can reach me at 604-287-5519 or at