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PROFILE: Roman Bojczuk, councillor

A longtime resident of Mission, this candidate worked 38 years for CPR

I was raised near Westminster Abbey on a 22-acre farm, part of which still remains in the family, where I have horses and a small Christmas Tree farm.

My children attended school in Mission and Abbotsford and took advantage of community opportunities, such as swimming, baseball, hockey and karate.

I worked 38 years for CPR. At 51, I joined Mission isshin-ryu karate and was promoted to black belt seven years later. I still attend the 30+ group for a cardio workout and to hone my acquired skills. On Jan. 24, I was promoted to second degree black belt.

Last Christmas, I was privileged to play Santa at all four classes of the Future 4 Nations preschool, which my granddaughter attended. Every time a child smiled — my heart smiled.

I enjoy working and talking with people and believe working in common unity within the council will make Mission an even better community.