PROFILE: Ted Adlem, mayor

Ted Adlem is leading the slate Citizens for Responsible Municipal Government.

As a Mission resident for over 30 years, 15 of which as a successful local business owner, I have seen many positive and negative changes.

I feel that in order to affect the change that Mission so desperately needs, the current council must be replaced with people who are business friendly and who feel that the tax burden needs to be more under control.

Citizens for Responsible Municipal Government is a team with a strong business background on many levels, is approachable, organized and open to ideas and information that leads Mission in a more positive direction. I have served on many boards both personally and professionally, municipally and provincially and feel that my strong business sense will bode well for municipal government. My family and I have a deep love of Mission and all it has to offer and feel that it is not being displayed to its true potential.