Removing graffiti in downtown Mission

District of Mission will seek quotes for service

District of Mission will be looking into cleaning up graffiti in the downtown core.

Mission Downtown Business Association executive director Jamie Hayes asked council for financial assistance in the project at the last council meeting Monday night.

The estimated cost to remove the graffiti by Goodbye Graffiti is $1,149, and the cost to maintain a graffiti-free downtown is $799 a year.

Goodbye Graffiti owner Jason Boyne  told council there were 33 pieces of graffiti in the area when he assessed the situation in Mission.

Boyne said his company works with business improvement associations and municipalities across Canada to bring about zero tolerance graffiti in their communities.

“We would like to help you.”

Mission councillors supported the idea as part of an ongoing effort to clean up downtown.

“Staff are currently looking at the issue,” said Ken Bjorgaard, chief administrative officer. “It’s standard for the District of Mission to seek more than one quote… We’ll be taking that approach.”

Private property owners should also be encouraged to clean up graffiti on their building, Bjorgaard added.

Coun. Larry Nundal suggested Mission could enforce its bylaw for untidy and unsightly premises. The district can bill the property owner for any clean up costs, he noted.

MDBA president Carlo Billinger said Goodbye Graffiti caught his attention after the company cleaned up an area in Burnaby.

“They do it on an ongoing basis so it doesn’t get out of control,” said Billinger, who says it is a good idea to get quotes from other service providers. “We’re just bringing it to their attention.”