Second petition opposes Mission drive-thrus

Barbara Fehrmann presented Mission council with a second petition opposing any more drive-thrus in the community.

More than 500 people signed the first one in 2008, and the second netted 794 signatures.

Despite pressures from developers, Fehrmann says she doesn’t want council to make any exceptions to the district’s current anti drive-thru bylaw.

Fehrmann said she isn’t against development, but wanted council to consider the community’s health, safety and social needs.

“Drive-thrus are detrimental to our environment,” she said. “It’s a luxury item we can live without.”

The six existing drive-thrus already here are sufficient, she added.

An earlier delegation in March accused Mission council of stifling business opportunities by prohibiting drive-thrus.

They are a convenience and consumers should have that choice, argued Arnold Muir, who noted Mission Western Developments (MWD), which has property on the northeast corner of Lougheed Highway and Cedar Valley Connector, is a victim of this rule, created in 2008.

MWD received approval-in-principle in 2007, but after working through environmental issues with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, found the rules changed in 2009.