A proposed new skate board park will be constructed just east of the existing one

Site chosen for Mission’s new skate park

Seven possible locations were debated, but one of three options at the leisure centre became the logical choice.

Mission’s new skate park will be located east of the existing park, on the grounds of the Mission Leisure Centre.

The decision was made by council last week.

Seven possible locations were debated, but it became clear to organizers that one of three options at the leisure centre – the existing skate park, west of the park and east of the park – would be the logical choice.

According to the staff report, the leisure centre was chosen because it is “an accepted community use for  skate park, the topography  is easily developed, site services and infrastructure are in place, adequate space is available and access and visibility/security are good.”

Of the three options, the eastern location was chosen. It will allow construction to begin with little impact to parking or other factors.

“I think it gives the potential for growth as well. Maybe the old skateboard park site could eventually one day be a youth centre,” said Coun. Rhett Nicholson.

Stephanie Key, deputy director of parks said the project is moving along on schedule, but some survey and geotechnical work still has to be done.

The decision also has to be made on the final size of the park.