Storm halts cleanup

Last Saturday, a community clean-up event was scheduled.

  • Sep. 5, 2015 8:00 a.m.

Last Saturday, a community clean-up event was scheduled for the areas adjacent to Mission Central Elementary.

Co-ordinator Michele Chapman-Sheaves said 40 dedicated volunteers arrive to clean up the forest surrounding the elementary school, in preparation for the start of school next Tuesday. They arrived despite the rain warnings.

“As branches and trees started to fall around us in the forest from the windstorm, we had to end the day early. However, half of the garbage has been weighed in at 310 kgs,” she said. “We estimate 450 kg, up to 500 kg, was actually collected. Our clean-up included the Welton Stairs next to the museum, a portion of the library parking lot, Kinsmen East Park, the forest behind the library and Lane Creek Trail.”

She thanked those who took part on what turned out to be a challenging day.