Supportive recovery facility coming to Mission

Supportive recovery facility coming to Mission

The recovery house will be for women only and can accommodate 15 people.

A new supportive recovery facility will make its home in Mission.

Council was unanimous in its support to allow a three-year temporary use permit for the project. The Hope For Freedom Society will run the facility in a single family dwelling located at 34641 Lougheed Highway.

The recovery house will be for women only and can accommodate 15 people.

Rob Thiessen, managing director of the Hope For Freedom Society, said the large house is in a relatively secluded area, which is perfect for the work being done.

“What we look for is a place that we can make a safe place for our women to recover from drug and alcohol issues.”

He said all of the clients are considered vulnerable adults. The programs offered can take seven months to a year to complete.

As part of the programing, the woman in the recovery facility are up at 6:30 a.m. and are in group or doing “some kind of chore” until the evening. They are then transported to neighbourhood meeting, like alcohol anonymous or other organizations.

“The women’s recovery program is fairly structured. We believe in programs. We believe in not having too much idle time and, particularly for women, we believe in protecting them from outside influences,” said Thiessen.

He added that most of the clients that come to his organization are dealing with some kind of traumatic hurt.

“It’s a hurt they can’t deal with straight up. It’s a hurt that they’ve had to use some sort of substance to mask or push down or medicate.”

The program tries to dig down and discover the source of the addiction, which is why it can take up to a year, he said.

That’s one aspect of the program that Mission Mayor Randy Hawes believes is important.

“You have to be able to figure out what’s behind their addiction,” he said adding that the Hope For Freedom Society appear to be doing just that.