Three-year-old Moses of Mission works on his letters at home with mother Anna-Lisa Schubert. The Mission parent is in favour of the traditional school model

Traditional school forum Feb. 26 at Fraserview

Pre-registration for Mission Traditional Academy will be March 12

Mission parents interested in sending their children to a traditional school are invited to a forum tonight (Feb. 26) at Fraserview elementary.

A minimum of 100 new students would need to sign up, otherwise the proposal won’t move forward, said Jim Taylor, board of trustees vice-chair.

He said there’s “no doubt” they could fill a traditional school immediately, but that would not introduce additional money to the district.

Simply reallocating students “would cost more money and not bring anything new in,” he added.

A pre-registration will be held March 12 at the school board administration office on Fourth Avenue.

The discussion has been ongoing since late last year, and while the school board says a site has not been chosen, the aim is to find a spot within the central portion of Mission, said Taylor.

Local parent Anna-Lisa Schubert would enrol her child Moses if the program of choice moves forward.

“I like the structure it offers,” she said.

She was especially in favour of uniforms and the higher level of accountability at a younger age that model of schooling enforces.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. and Fraserview is located at 32444 Seventh Ave. For a report of tonight’s meeting, visit Wednesday morning.