UPDATED: Election race gets underway as deadline approaches

Nomination deadline has passed

Here is the official list of the candidates for the Nov. 19 municipal election. Nomination deadline was at 4 p.m., Oct. 14.

Mayor: Ted Adlem, James Atebe (incumbent), Mike Gildersleeve and Daniel Williamson.

Council: Jim Abbott, Pam Alexis, Tom Armstrong, Roman Bojczuk, Bobby Brar, Gurp Chahal, Janet Chalmers, Shelley Clarkson, Kevin Francis, Terry Gidda (incumbent), Kerm Gill, Lee Hanlon, Dave Hensman, Paul Hockridge, Jeff Jewell, Tony Luck, Arnold Muir, Rhett Nicholson, Larry Nundal, Kevin O’Beirne, Danny Plecas (incumbent), Mike Scudder (incumbent), Jenny Stevens (incumbent), Heather Stewart (incumbent), and Nelson Tilbury.

School trustee: Nancy Arcand, Earl Babich, Bernadine Babuik, Randy Cairns (incumbent), Gurp Chahal, Brian Harvey, Carol Hamilton (incumbent), Edie Lissimore-Woodland, Barry McLeod, Cindy Miller (incumbent), Jim Taylor and Karen Wooten.

Nick Field and Shelley Carter have put their names forward for the school district 75 rural area trustee position.

Fraser Valley Regional District: Area C: Wendy Bales (incumbent), Colin Faulkner and Mel Waardenburg; Area F: Ray Boucher and Richard (Dick) Bogstie (incumbent); Area G: Al Stobbart (incumbent) and Lea Ricketts.

The Mission Record has reached out to municipal candidates and asked that they submit a brief statement about themselves for publication in upcoming editions of the newspaper. As well, regularly visit www.missioncityrecord.com and click on the Civic Election tab for the most up-to-date stories.

If you are running for office and wish to submit a write-up — limited to 150 words — please e-mail it to news@missioncityrecord.com, along with a photo, or drop them off at our office, located at 33047 First Ave.