Voter turnout increases in Mission

33 per cent of voters cast ballots in 2014 election

Voter turnout increases in Mission

More than 33 per cent of eligible voters in Mission cast ballots in this month’s municipal election, an increase of close to three per cent, compared to the 2011 contest.

There were 24,778 eligible voters this year, and 8,259 ballots cast. In 2011, there were 24,301 eligible voters and 7,363 ballots cast.

Not everyone who voted this year chose a mayor. There were a total of 8,142 votes for a mayor. Randy Hawes captured the most votes for mayor with 3,068 (37 per cent).

Runner up Tony Luck, received 2,236 or 27 per cent of the votes, while incumbent mayor Ted Adlem finished third with 1,840 or 22 per cent of the votes.

The top three finishers for council received support from more than 50 per cent of those who voted. Almost 52 per cent of voters checked off Pam Alexis’ name at the polls. She received 4,267 votes.

Rhett Nicholson received 4,231 votes and was on the list of more than 51 per cent of people who voted.

Carol Hamilton earned 4,164 votes, and support from more than 50 per cent of people who voted.

Other councillors elected are Danny Plecas, who had 3,463 votes, Jenny Stevens (2,587), and Jim Hinds (2,430).

Close to 43 per cent of people who voted chose Jim Taylor for school trustee. Taylor received the most votes with 3,532.

Tracy Loffer received support from almost 41 per cent with 3,371 votes. Rick McKamey earned 3,154 votes, while Randy Cairns received 3,059.

Incumbent Edie Heinrichs, who served as school board chair, finished in fifth place with 2,923 votes.

All results are preliminary. The official results will be known at 4 p.m. Wednesday at the latest.