Mission and Abbotsford used 27 per cent more water in June than in 2014

Mission and Abbotsford used 27 per cent more water in June than in 2014

Water use up 27 per cent in June

Warm temperatures and high use have led to a complete lawn watering ban in Mission and Abbotsford.

Hot  temperatures, a lack of precipitation and a 27 per cent increase in water use in June has led to a complete ban on lawn watering.

As of today, the District of Mission and the City of Abbotsford have moved to stage 3 of the water shortage response plan.

Along with the ban, stage three measures dictate that no new lawn permits will be issued and non-recirculating fountains will be prohibited.

Residents will still be able to hand-water flower and vegetable gardens, wash vehicles, run sprinklers for children to play in, and powerwash sidewalks, driveways and homes.

“As long as residents comply with the lawn watering ban, we will be in a better situation and won’t have to possibly look at further restrictions,” said Tracy Kyle, Mission’s director of engineering and public works.

She said Mission and Abbotsford have enforced  lawn watering bans twice in the past few years – from July 28 to Aug. 24 of 2009 and throughout July and August 2010.

Unseasonably warm temperatures and a lack of rainfall this spring, combined with reduced snowpack have contributed to lowering the Dickson Lake water source levels faster than expected.

Currently, the lake is at a historically low level – 634.97 metres as of June 30 – breaking the previous low record for the end of June which was 636.6 metres in 2003.

The all-time low level is 629.7, which occurred in October of  2006.

There has also been a higher demand for water in June, compared to last year.

In June of 2014, water usage by Mission and Abbotsford residents averaged 70.6 million litres per day (MLD)

This year, that has climbed to 89.7 MLD.

The water system is capable of supporting a daily supply of 123 MLD, with extended maximums for peak days.

During the 30-day period in June of 2014, 2,116 million litres were used.

In the first 29 days of June 2015, about 2,602 million litres have been consumed – a 27 per cent increase.

From June 1 to June 29, Mission residents used 682 million litres of water while Abbotsford residents used 1,919 million litres.

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