Barking dogs ruin quiet, peaceful neighbourhood

Editor, The Record:

One of the things that makes Mission a great place to live is the relative quiet of our community. Yes, there are the trains and the raceway but compared to a lot of surrounding areas Mission is quiet.

We have unavoidable noise pollution and the avoidable. Conspicuous among the avoidable pollutions are drivers who can’t afford the price of a muffler, and dog owners who leave their dogs untrained resulting in excessive barking.

It is quite pathetic that excessive barking not only makes life miserable for the neighbours, but also the owner. Not only do we get to hear the dog barking at all hours, but the short-tempered dog owner barking at the dog to shut up.

Dog owners owe it to their dogs to see they are properly trained. It is an act of love.

The District of Mission has some excellent suggestions on its website:, for dealing with dogs that bark excessively. For those who find the task too daunting there are many excellent professional trainers in our community who will do the job for you.

The neighbours might send you big bouquets instead of bricks.

Robert Billyard