BCTF demands unrealistic

Editor, The Record:

It’s time the taxpayers ask the B.C. Teachers’ Federation if that union understands the concept of reality as clearly their opening bargain demands are out to lunch. What does it take to get people to say to that union that it is time to end the farce that any of their demands have anything to do with the students in the classroom?

Where are all the people who have no problem complaining about tax increases here in Mission? Why stay silent on the outrageous demands of the teachers which will increase our property taxes far more than the equally ludicrous hiring of a publicly funded mouth piece for our council?

Teachers already have a very privileged position in regards to wages and benefits and it’s still not enough for them. No one else in the real world could keep a straight face like the president of the BCTF is doing while trying to justify to taxpayers the bogus claims that she is now putting forward and having the nerve to hide behind the students while doing it.

Yes, education is extremely important so why aren’t the teachers being held accountable? They graduate far too many students at functionally illiterate levels in reading, math, and basic English skills.

So here’s my opening offer to the BCTF: You say you want only the best for the students. Then stop demanding almost 100 per cent of the education budget for wages and benefits.

Taxpayers have to take money out of their pocket every time you whine about wanting more even though their own incomes are stagnating. So I’m asking, what’s the matter with other taxpayers, whether or not they have kids in school, that they sit back and not tell the government that enough is enough.

Teachers can do without any wage or benefit increase until they improve the quality of graduating students.

Robert T. Rock