Dictatorial approach shown by some

Editor, The Record:

Since moving to Mission in 1992, I have perceived Mission to be on a treadmill or possibly a merry-go-round, which can be summed up in several telling facts.

High among detrimental aspects has been the near lack of vision, leadership, good judgment, coordination and creation of an inclusive community.

Several rather impressive artist renderings have been published since 1992 and if proceeded upon, Mission would be much further developed into a thriving municipality. Whether the downtown charrette to the more recent waterfront plan, to several progressive development plans that seem to peak, then disappear.

Why is effective communication and good public relations so foreign to council? Why is such poor judgment evident in most decisions? Why is such a dictatorial approach shown by some?

A major indictment is to witness 17 candidates for a councillor position, which speaks volumes about how low the bar is, that so many feel they can do an equal or possibly better job than incumbents.

The recent PSIT debacle epitomizes the lack of competent leadership, sensitivity, empathy and good judgement and the resulting public fear and anger, exacerbates a lack of confidence, trust and failure to represent public interests.

Last, consolidate all government development plans into a waterfront/downtown strategy to finally develop these important and vital components. Abandon ideas such as a civic centre on the flood plains, whereas, downtown is the logical place for a new centre, civic square and business hub.

Personally, I find no salvation in the expectation most incumbents even understand the concepts I discuss, so a change is needed in the November 2011 municipal elections, and I hope voters make wise choices.

George F. Evens