EDITORIAL : Time to go brown

With a complete ban on sprinkling now in progress, there will be some brown lawns in Mission. But is it enough?

There are going to be a lot of brown lawns in Mission in the coming months. As of today, the district, along with the City of Abbotsford, is calling for a complete ban on lawn watering.

An unseasonably hot and dry June has already caused a large increase in water use in Mission – a full 25 per cent more than the norm.

So the time to conserve is now.

With the normally hot July and August still to come, we can be assured that water will be in more and more in demand.

If that means we have to sacrifice our green lawns for brown, then so be it.

What water we manage to conserve now will help to avoid shortages in the months ahead.

However, while stage three restrictions have been implemented, the sprinkling ban seems a bit limited, considering what residents are still permitted to do.

Washing your vehicle is still allowed if you uses a spray nozzle that automatically shuts off. Filling a wading pool is still allowed. Running the sprinkler for kids to play in is still OK. Pressure washing your driveway or home is still allowed.

It seems there are more ways to save water that are also worth exploring.