Expand CPP benefits

Editor, The Record:

Elections are in the air and I am concerned about the future of my retirement security along with the majority of Canadians. With reports that only one in five private sector workers belong to an employer plan; that most people can’t save let alone afford an RRSP; that seniors, single women, First Nations and those living with disabilities are living in poverty; and that our children won’t have access to the same job market that we once did, how is this sustainable?

Now the federal government decided to support a program called PRPP (pooled registered pensions plans), a super-size version of RRSP that employers can buy into. Who does this benefit other than the insurance companies and banks that lobbied for it?

The provinces have a role to play and with an election coming, I’ll be supporting politicians who support me and my family. I want an expansion of the CPP benefits on a fully funded go-forward basis starting right now. This would bring equality and dignity for all, not just a privileged few.

This election I will be asking who is on my side.

Trena Legge