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Fence the dog park

Editor, The Record:

Re: Council ponders dog park fence, April 14 edition.

I must confess to having a smile on my face as I respond to this story. In fact it's difficult not to laugh.


Because several months after it opened, Mission council has finally started to think about a fence for the off-leash dog park! Well done, council, what a sparkling example of common sense, except it's many months late and has been staring you in your collective faces since the "park" opened!

It's comical that councillors are reportedly concerned about the fence being the right type. I'm not sure why they suddenly have any concerns because clearly (pardon the pun) the presently invisible fence was deemed appropriate when the park was opened.

It seems that nobody has heard of any close calls in the park which is bordered by three roads, two of which are among the busiest in the neighbourhood. That's probably because hardly anyone is using it, because it has no fences.

It's a little like saying that nobody in the empty house has complained about the lack of a roof. This isn't the most important decision council has had to make, and it is hardly a complex issue, but for those people in the neighbourhood who relish the opportunity to give their pooch some welcome exercise close to home (or for whom there is no realistic choice), I imagine it has a genuine relevance to their daily lives.

Come on council, use some sense, thoroughly cost out the alternatives, make a decision and get the park fenced once and for all.

Leo Simmons