Help appreciated

Editor, The Record:

On Sunday, May 1, while coming down from the Hope area to visit family and friends we made a pit stop at the Superstore.

When Elspeth went in to pick up last minute items, I took my dog, Apollo, out of his crate to stretch and piddle. Unfortunately, some careless person (shame on you) had smashed a beer bottle in the bushes where Apollo had relieved himself, resulting in a slashed paw.

To all you wonderful Earth angels who took time out of your busy lives to tend Apollo, I was so very humbled and touched by the care and compassion you so freely gave to Apollo and myself. You kept me grounded.

God bless each and every one of you, including Elspeth and extended family members Irene and Petr our vet, Susan, and the kind staff members of the Superstore.

Update on Apollo: He was quite relieved to have his sock finally removed Wednesday evening and I’m happy to report he is back to his usual jubilant, life-is-full-of-sunshine self. To the person who was so thoughtless with his/her beer bottle: Couldn’t you walk the extra 15 paces to the trash bin? It could have been a lot more tragic.

Deborah and Apollo Bowers