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Heritage Park a treasure for Mission

Editor, The Record:

As I look out the window on yet another cold, rainy day, I take solice in the fact that I am able to visit one of my newly discovered places here in Mission.

Being a senior can present many challenges such as financial, physical or transportation issues. There is, however, a place that eases some of those challenges.

Heritage Park holds a special gift for those who enjoy life and nature. One of my favourite places to visit within the park is the path that leads to the bridge.

The bridge itself is made of stones gathered from the area and is a work of art. I find myself spending time there on my favourite bench, listening to the water, birds and most of all, I the children and dogs.

Another path in the park leads to the bandstand where all summer long on Wednesday and Friday evenings there are many talented musicians playing for us, entertaining old and young alike.

I like to stop and enjoy a cup of tea, a biscuit with blackberry jam and clotted cream at the Blackberry Kitchen. I have yet to try out their amazing dinner menu.

If you haven't been to the park yet, come and choose your own path, as you never know where it will lead you.

Iris Laing