Hoping race is an annual event

Editor, The Record:

Kudos to Wentings’ Cycle and Mountain Shop and all the others for organizing and hosting the first annual Mission bike race.

We built our house facing the Mission Sports Park to enjoy the healthy and joyous activities it hosts. On Sunday we had the pleasure of sitting on our porch at the finish line watching some amazing athletes on some amazing bikes. The neighbourhood children were out learning about equipment and skills they have never gotten close to before. The event was well-organized.  The organizers and competitors couldn’t have been more considerate or polite.

It was well worth the minor inconvenience of having Tyler Road closed until the afternoon and controlled traffic on the other roads.

Competitors from out of town praised our community for its beauty and the technical challenges the route provided.

Well done, people! We hope it’s a yearly event.

Lynne Weisgerber