Junk in, junk out

Cellphones are partly to blame for poor spelling and grammar

Editor, The Record:

Re: Too many people’s heads buried in reality television, (Robert T. Rock); Students doing well in school, (Steve Moore).

I do not usually respond to letters of others in the paper but Mr. Rock’s letter, although somewhat off topic, really hits home with his remarks about education. Mr. Rock in on the right track but off the mark a bit. It is not reality television behind poor grammar, spelling, and writing of students coming out of schools these days. It is this insane desire to subscribe to the iPhone and products of the like.

This addiction to cellphone can be blamed partly on schools for allowing such junk be brought into the schools. The students don’t see anything wrong in these poor habits. Indirectly, the schools are allowing kids to fail in business and in the real world over the lack of discipline, integrity, respect, pride, drive, etc.

But it doesn’t stop there; they hear their parents talking about Survivor, Bachelor and the likes. Reality shows, really? Whatever happened to a good documentary, or a well-written movie, an entertaining weekly series but educating life skills at the same time?

So this goes hand-in-hand with big box stores, doesn’t it?

The kids find junk in the stores, junk on television, junk in their social environment, junk in their hands, therefore junk in their heads. No, Mr. Moore, students are not doing well in school.

The business I am in is a professional service industry, and you, Mr. Moore, should see from the majority of students coming into the work force, the spelling errors, and the grammar, and then listen to them talk. You should see correspondence I receive by e-mail or a business memo or letter. Mr. Moore, you would cringe.

They feel that the world owes them a living and they take no responsibility or accountability. My wife is in the same industry with a different company and she comes home tearing her hair out, these “students” don’t listen, don’t want to learn and just don’t care.

Ron Wilkes