Keep home delivery of mail

Many citizens would wind up driving to the post box, creating more air pollution

The idea suggested by government to cancel home delivery of mail by postal workers is bad for a number of reasons.

Asking citizens to daily pick up their mail from a street box on the side of the road would see many driving to the spot. This would create much more traffic on the streets every day, creating more air pollution.

Also, this plan will cost the government, and ultimately, citizens a huge amount of money to have metal boxes created and installed on many community streets. A postal worker can do the job more quickly and effectively and would not be making calls at houses that had no mail incoming.

Apart from all these problems, no one has mentioned the actual cost of the mailboxes, probably unit having about 20 individual boxes and locks for the intended street or two. Unfortunately, we have already seen the other problem where boxes are already installed on the street and that is that criminals take advantage of no security to knock the stand over and break open the boxes, or take them away, to obtain the contents.

It is surely time to put this idea in the discard box and continue with the satisfactory and secure method of postal delivery which we have had for decades by individual postal delivery persons.

L. Rauh