LETTER: Choosing whether to vaccinate is a personal decision

Most decisions about vaccinations made after copious research

Shame on this paper for even posting the online poll you did: “Is it irresponsible to not vaccinate a child for preventable diseases?”

Will tomorrow’s poll be followed up with, “Is it irresponsible to not breastfeed your child?”

The recommendation from Health Canada is to breastfeed until two years of age and yet most hardly make it past six months if they even breastfeed at all.

No one is questioning these mothers’ decision when they go against Health Canada’s recommendation. One of the main purposes for breastfeeding is to help protect their immune systems. Some people choose to opt out of some or all of the vaccine recommendations, (which some claim will help protect the immune system) and you want to know if people consider this “irresponsible?”

These are personal decisions and most make these decisions after a ton of research. I live every day with a vaccine-damaged child. I feel “irresponsible” for having not done enough research before we chose to vaccinate our son. And I feel even more “irresponsible” for ever letting my child be injected with the poisons that are in vaccines.

Cora Anthony