LETTER: Council should look in mirror

Losing extensive knowledge and experience is a bad thing

Misdirection is a ploy used to direct your attention at some irrelevant distraction instead of what’s happening right in front of you.

Mr. Trustham’s response to my earlier letter is full of misdirection. His personal attack on me is intended to direct attention away from the fiasco happening right in front of us at city hall. His opinion of me, my 35-year award-winning career, and my so-called legacy is completely irrelevant to the problem at hand.

Mr. Trustham sees “fog.” My observation of a crisis of leadership and management at the district is clear. The serious and expensive staff exodus due to bullying and micromanaging by the mayor, council and the CAO is clear. The collapse of staff morale and the resulting loss of dedication and productivity is clear. The fact that a majority of councillors adopted a vote of non-confidence in the mayor is clear. My concern regarding a dysfunctional council behaving worse than children is clear.

Any “fog” about all of this is caused only by a lack of insight.

Mr. Trustham clearly supports these archaic, stone-age management practices. I do not. I expect most people would agree that staff deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, just as they would like to be.

I expect most people would agree that the loss of such extensive knowledge and experience is a bad thing, not a good thing.

I do not know on what Mr. Trustham bases his views. I base mine on my observations, and many conversations with the people who have suffered through this misadventure. It is shameful treatment that should not be tolerated.

Council is now engaging an expensive consultant to discover how to “repair relationships with staff.” I suggest that a quick glance in any mirror will reveal both the problem and the solution.

Dennis Clark

(former corporate administration)