LETTER: Different rules for politicians?

A person may go into civic politics with the best of intentions

When did moving forward in Mission mean returning Randy Hawes to his old job? I have to wonder just how directionally challenged a sizable number of Mission voters were in the now thankfully over civic elections.

It is no secret I am not now nor ever have been a fan of Randy Hawes but I have to concede that he did say once, during the 100 Mile Challenge, something which is too truthful to be funny: There are different rules for politicians than ordinary people.

The biggest blunder – among so many – of the previous council was to have blocked any chance we had of finding out whether or not there was anything to the alleged conflict of interest by now former Coun. Hensman.

Sending that allegation to a third party for investigation would have cleared up any lingering misgivings the voters might have had. This new council has a chance to rectify that mistake in judgment and decide whether Randy`s claim that there are different rules for politicians is true.

The sad truth is that a person may go into civic politics with the best of intentions but the “system” corrupts in small and subtle ways. Given past administrations, I can only wish the first-time council members the utmost strength of character to stay true to themselves.

Robert T. Rock