LETTER: Don’t leave pets in hot cars

Let me ask you, how would you feel to return and find your dog or cat dead on the car seat?

The “stupid season” is upon us and with it comes the foolish guardian who believes they cannot leave their home without taking their so-called beloved pet shopping with them.  Believe me, the dog or cat can live longer alone at home than being taken to the local mall and left in your hot vehicle while you go shopping.

Let me ask you, how would you feel to return and find your dog or cat dead on the car seat?

Please, think carefully, and realize the animal could be dead in less than 10 minutes if left in a vehicle on a hot day.

Good Samaritans witnessing an animal in a closed hot vehicle are disposed to try and rescue. This may mean going in the local supermarket or other store to report, but often employees are less than cooperative.  Thus, inform your employees how to respond, make a PA announcement stating problem and licence number.

Conversely, phone the local police and report the incident, with make of vehicle and licence number and time of occurrence.

But sadly, local detachment commanders, inspectors or officers-in-charge need refreshing upon how to respond, legal rights to break windows and the public needs to be continually informed by BCSPCA and announcements by local mayors and councils, as to the violation and penalty, many times during the “stupid season” if we are to ever convince otherwise caring guardians to take proper precautions to protect the lives of their beloved pets.

My first encounter was Friday late afternoon at a Mission store. Two small dogs, maybe dachshunds, found in a hot vehicle with the window barely open a half inch, that in short order if left unattended the dogs could be dead.

Upon arrival police looked at the dogs, remarked “they look healthy and active,” and can you believe, got in their car and left the parking lot.  Only to be observed, to turn around, must have had second thoughts, and returned to the scene, to the relief of citizens’ now gathered around.

The guardian returned to the vehicle but it is  unknown what was discussed by police, hopefully a stiff fine for stupidity?


George Evens