LETTER: Follow the leader

True political leaders seek diverse thoughts and opinions

Of the qualities required of those who seek our vote, true leadership is the most essential. True leaders are unique and demonstrate their skills in every situation. They inspire us and articulate a future that reflects the hopes and values of those in their trust. They create willing followers through example and vision, and they create loyalty through fair and respectful treatment.

In any organization, true leaders recognize that the most important asset in their charge are the people who work for them. They protect, defend, and support those who do the real work. They do not have to rely upon bullying and aggression based on the authority of their office. They do not say one thing in public and then act the opposite in private.

True leaders seek a diversity of thought and opinion. They recognize that the best decisions result from consulting with a wide range of people with different perspectives, not just those who agree with them. They are capable of changing their own perspective based on that input.

Pretend leaders are narrow-minded and incapable of admitting to mistakes. Because of this, they are also incapable of change. If you really want to know about leaders, ask those who work closest with them.

True political leaders invest in public safety, through improved policing and fire protection. During CRMG’s term, there have been no police officers or firefighters added. Instead we have one of the largest drug labs ever found in our province.

The leadership of Mayor Adlem and his CRMG has been so wanting that the majority of his hand-selected council passed a vote of no confidence in him and left the party. There has been a wholesale and continuing loss of talented and dedicated staff, literally wasting the millions of tax dollars that was invested in them. This is euphemistically called a “restructuring at city hall”.  I leave others to judge if this is wise fiscal or public policy.


Dennis Clark