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LETTER: Grateful for fire and police departments

Fortunate to have such a well-trained, dedicated and experienced professionals

A house across the street and kitty-corner to our driveway erupted into flames after at least 10 explosions. Everyone in close proximity  called 911  and some left their homes for fear of the fire spreading or damaging vehicles. The explosions were terrifying and we had no idea if we were in any kind of danger.

Within minutes, the men and women of our Mission Fire and RCMP departments arrived and got right to work. Traffic was cordoned off at both ends of the street after emergency vehicles arrived and the fire department got right to work subduing the flames that were putting neighbouring houses in danger.

They spent the next six hours ensuring that  the fire was completely out. They were quick, organized, worked as an efficient team and got the job done. What an awesome group to witness in action!

Our neighbour, himself a firefighte,r was quick to ensure the safety of the people from the flaming house as they had been badly burned. He then went outside to join his teammates and supported them in any way he could. You don't see that kind of behaviour every day!

We are so fortunate to have such a well-trained, dedicated and experienced team of fire and police professionals in our town.  We are profoundly grateful and feeling abundantly safer in our neighbourhood.

Kudos to all of you who were here to help us!

Faye Luxemburg-Hyam and Nathan Hyam

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