LETTER: Independent councillors don’t lack integrity

Challenge CRMG notion that it's preferable to elect people who all think the same way

The recent Mission Messenger from the CRMG suggests that all independent candidates for council likely lack integrity and will therefore sell their council votes for a paltry political donation of a few dollars.  Not only is this disrespectful of all people who seek political office, it is in my experience patently untrue.

CRMG also conjures a smoke-filled back room system where political deals are made that favour one councillor or another. Favour them how? That may look intriguing on a television series, but if CMRG has specific examples they should state them clearly, rather than using scare tactics or impeaching the honesty of those seeking office.

Perhaps they speak from experience, but anyone who has attended or watched any council meeting knows that virtually all of the decisions made by council are the result of staff reports and staff recommendations.

On those extremely rare occasions when any councillor brings forward their own recommendation the debate is usually pretty intense, and as often as not the suggestion is defeated or deferred pending further information from staff. Hardly an atmosphere where vote rigging is required, or even attempted.

CRMG also states that it is preferable to elect people who all think the same way. I believe we should all challenge that notion, when history and current world wide events teach us that exactly the opposite is true. We all have the shared experience that the best decisions are the result of a variety of thought and opinions, not a narrow minded view.

During this election I will listen to what the candidates say, and vote accordingly.

I will be looking for candidates who care about balancing public safety and recreation programs for kids, as well as paving roads. I will be looking for reasonable, honest people who will be good stewards of our community.  For me, that’s really what the future is all about.


Dennis Clark