LETTER: Information should be first posted online

District of Mission website should be initial place information is seen

The Stave West master plan meeting posting on the mission.ca website, less than 24 hours prior to the actual meeting taking place is unacceptable and amateur at best.

All advertising about major issues concerning a town stems from municipal sites outwards. Seeing how Stave is a very important topic, affects the future of an enormous part of Mission, and impacts many peoples’ lives, the very first place this should be advertised is the District of Mission website. I appreciate more people will be reached through other means of advertising such as large signs up in the area that is being affected, news releases, etc., but it should start at the website.

This is what all other cities/towns do and have done for several years. It shows they are on top of things.

This has nothing to do with the people on the Stave Lake master plan team. I’m sure they are spending many hours on this project and are doing the best they can.

With this being 2014, how can Mission be taken seriously? If the municipality truly wanted our feedback, the public to be involved and appear professional, it only takes a few minutes to update something on a website.

In my opinion that is a fail, and completely unacceptable. We’ve already seen a laminated 11×8 sign on a telephone pole asking for public feedback about what we would like to see built at Tunbridge Park.

Seeing that Stave is of considerable importance to our community, this is a new low.

The higher-ups keep claiming the zero per cent tax increase and staffing departures in our community have not reduced, or impacted any municipal services. You can be the judge on that one.

Artur Gryz