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LETTER: Mission Mayor wants to clarify Pride flag decision

City of Mission continues to stand for inclusion, not division, says mayor
Mission Mayor Paul Horn / Submitted Photo

Dear Editor:

Re: “Pride flag won’t fly at City of Mission facilities,” published online Mar. 21:

Please allow me to clarify that Council’s recent decision not to fly flags from community groups and related to causes on the City’s flagpole was simply a practical matter meant to avoid the costly and distracting process of dealing with flag requests. It was not meant as a gesture to signify any disrespect or to dismiss the LGBTQ2S+ community. The City of Mission continues to stand for inclusion, not division. While we may not have chosen to fly the Pride flag on the City Hall pole, we will continue to advance the message of inclusion in other ways.

Last year, when the Fraser Valley Youth Society asked us to support them in bringing the Fraser Valley Pride Celebration to Mission, our Council was supportive because inclusion is one of our treasured values. We helped them expedite the process of planning the event and we hosted their flag at the Leisure Centre. Council was present at the Festival and found it to be a very successful and well attended event. I anticipate that we will support the message and work of Pride once again this year.

In the coming weeks, I expect that our Council will consider the creation of an Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The work of that committee will include working to increase awareness and acceptance of marginalized people and to reduce hatred.

Mission has a long-standing tradition of neighbourliness and the future we envision for our community is one where we all accept and appreciate our neighbours. When we do so, great things happen.

Paul Horn


City of Mission

Kevin Mills

About the Author: Kevin Mills

I have been a member of the media for the past 34 years and became editor of the Mission Record in February of 2015.
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