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LETTER: No level of government is without some faults

‘Well, here we go, another unnecessary election during a pandemic.’

Well, here we go, another unnecessary election during a pandemic.

We all know who is paying for this municipal election but who should be paying for it?

The ones who benefited the most, namely Pam Alexis and the Premier (out of their own pockets) who supposedly talked her into quitting as mayor.

How can one not be cynical and disgusted with politicians of apparently all stripes. They are all chasing the chance to get their snouts in the taxpayers trough regardless of who it hurts.

The lack of ethics and moral obligation to those (including myself) who voted for her as mayor is an affront to Mission taxpayers.

Federally the Prime Minister gave seniors $300 or $500 tax free as a covid relief without doing a means test.

He and his cohorts also created the ill thought out (CERB) benefit that was fraudulently obtained by many.

Provincially, John Horgan dolled out $1,000 tax free to every family in BC that earned less than $125,000 in 2019. This was blatant vote buying for an election that wasn’t necessary as the Liberals were in such disarray.

All this reprehensible behavior by Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Governments and their faces aren’t even red.

Some may get into politics with good intentions but soon morph into power hungry money-grabbers. Is it any wonder that many citizens give up on voting?

T.B. Mortimer


About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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