LETTER: Remove coyotes from Cedar Valley

Dogs and families should not have to be fearful of attacked

I read the article published in the April 4 issue of The Mission Record about the coyote attack on my dog, Teako, and other dogs in the Cedar Valley area of Mission.

I want to specifically address the comments of B.C. conservation officer Paul McFadden who said, “… they’re aware of the problem, and agreed … that puppy season makes the animals more aggressive. … ‘They’re as protective as a female black bear.’”

I want to implore Mr. McFadden and his colleagues to take steps to remove the coyotes from the greenbelt areas of Cedar Valley and have them relocated much further out, away from residential areas. If they are not removed the attacks on pets will be repeated again and again.

Dogs and the families who care for them should not have to be constantly fearful of coyote attacks.

On a more positive note I cannot adequately express  my gratitude to Dr. Susan Calverley and her staff at Mission Veterinary Hospital on Horne Street.

They are an absolutely wonderful group of people and Mission is very blessed to have them. In addition to giving Teako exemplary care throughout the time we had him, and especially after his coyote attack, they also sent us a beautiful flower arrangement   and card the day after his death.  When I went in to their clinic a few days later to collect Teako’s cremated remains they were beautifully boxed and wrapped in a gift bag with yet another lovely card. Thank you so much. Keep up the wonderful work everyone!

Karen Gardner


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