LETTER: This is fair?

We don’t understand how you can take away what was already given.

We, the very few West Coast Express riders who transfer to the bus system in the Fraser Valley, are not asking for any more than we had previously, which is the opportunity to transfer from WCE to the bus system without additional expense. The number of us who are being punished is few, so few that it does not make any sense to force additional costs onto riders who already pay ridiculous prices to travel for work.

We don’t understand how you can take away what was already given. As reference to this – we think of it as a smaller portion than that of the people we see each day ride the Fraser Valley transit for free, stating they have no money but are allowed to ride for free. How is that any different? You don’t refuse them ridership at a cost of zero. This is gouging the already spent-out workers who are taxpayers and asking them for more money. Our numbers are small. It does not alter this fixed budget one way or the other.

Please explain how this is fair to any of us.

We are already charged the highest fare.  TransLink even created a zone five to justify it.

Who in their budgets can afford this ridiculous price to travel to work and back, then pay more to get home? Who? It’s $335.75 per month and now you request an additional $44 to $52 per month. Go Green Commuters should not be punished for taking their cars off the roads and lowering their carbon footprint.

We are restricted by limited resources to go work and no job options in town. These families are barely managing financially. We are requesting some kind of voice and action to remove this unfair,  unjust, money grab with no justification.


Mary Allen