LETTER: Two-way traffic on First unnecessary

Reconfiguring the Murray Street overpass would provide several benefits to Mission drivers

The Murray Street Overpass will need to be replaced in a few years. I do not believe it is earthquake proof and it is probably reaching the end of its life span.

Reconfiguration of a new overpass would keep the western entrance/exit in the same location. The new eastern entrance/exit to would be over North Railway Avenue to the Lougheed Highway.

An entrance/exit to Murray Street and First Avenue would be via a left lane to the existing signaled intersection.

Extending the overpass east to northbound Stave Lake Street would be via a single right hand eastbound lane. Curving under the overpass and under First Avenue to surface on Stave Lake Street between Second and Third avenues.

Southbound traffic would enter the overpass through the existing signaled intersection across First Avenue to connect with the overpass westbound.

Eastbound traffic from First Avenue, Murray and Stave Lake Street would connect using existing signaled lanes.

Westbound to downtown from the Lougheed Highway would remain unchanged.

Stop/yield signage would would be required at eastbound First Avenue entrance to the Lougheed Highway to accommodate the westbound lane to the overpass.

This new overpass configuration would provide a multitude of benefits.

It will complete the eastern portion of the bypass exit.

All unnecessary truck and through traffic will be removed from the downtown.

It will provide for future growth in the northeastern part of the city.

No new traffic signaling required.

No environmental concerns as a roadway already exists at that location.

There might possibly be an small reduction in pollution with better traffic flow.

It will not be necessary to change First and North Railway Avenue to two-way traffic.

Sometimes to step back, is to move forward.

Frank Tonge