Medical pot grows became serious public safety issue

MP agrees that marijuana production is a federal government matter

Re: “Pot prohibition not working,” Mission City Record – Sept. 16

I would like to clarify our government’s position regarding the changes to the Medical Marijuana Access Program. In 2002, fewer than 500 patients were authorized to take part in this program and that number has since grown to more than 26,000 patients. Not only did this result in unsustainably high costs but the increase in production of medical marijuana, particularly in residential homes, became a serious public safety issue. To address this, our government will be restricting production to take place outside of residential neighbourhoods and by facilities that meet strict security requirements.

I agree with Mr. Tilbury that the laws regarding marijuana and its production are a matter for the federal government and that there will be challenges ahead in implementing these changes by April 2014. Our government is continuing to work with municipalities to ensure that the new rules are implemented effectively.

Randy Kamp, MP

Pitt Meadows – Maple Ridge – Mission