Newly elected council must do what they promised

Citizens for Responsible Municipal Government should ensure Mission is open for business

Editor, The Record:

No longer do residents need to endure the endless bafflegab and wrongheaded dictates of a mayor out of touch with constituents’ needs.

The need to replace incumbent councillors was paramount, but significant obstacles remained such as indifferent and apathetic voters and no viable alternative.

The PSIT issue in Mission and P3 water in Abbotsford gave two rallying calls for public action but not enough in themselves to overthrow incumbents.

And then emerged the grassroots CRMG and its slate of candidates. This was new for Mission and certainly the only perceived manner to break the deadlock held by incumbent council.

Mission council was under misguided leadership and heading down a path of no return, and could not recognize they were out-of-touch to public needs. Hence, full speed ahead with PSIT, continuation of in-camera meetings, and hiring of the spin doctor.

All the incumbents (save Coun. Jenny Stevens) were turfed out of office, and therein lies the challenge to CRMG, to do what they promised. Additionally, a high priority for seniors is to see the Community Activity Centre designated solely for seniors’ use, and to see within three to five years, a new seniors’ facility adjacent to the Leisure Centre.

But equally as important, to gain public confidence and credibility, CRMG must be responsive to the public needs and do so in an empathetic manner, be astute business-oriented stewards of our tax dollars, environment, smart-growth development and progress in a timely manner to encourage density of development in the downtown/waterfront.

This should start by enticing back Howard Meakin’s Sturgeons on the Fraser concept and placing a Mission is open for business sign on our door. To do otherwise will be a one-term tenure for most, as voters will not tolerate being lied to and deceived.

George F. Evens